Group Classes

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 How does the Group Classes work

Group training offers you the perfect environment to achieve your ideal weight, fitness and body. Imagine joining a group of people who are training towards the same goals, going through the the same transformation, enjoying the same great results and are supporting and helping you through each tough but enjoyable session!

Get ready to enjoy your membership…



Outdoor fitness group doing lungesWhat you will get  

Access to our classes

Our classes run 6 days per week, in the morning, evening and at the weekend. Each class is designed to tone, shape and fire up your metabolism, leaving you burning more calories well after the session has finished. This type of training is proven to increase fitness, strength and endurance at an accelerated rate.



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What you will get

Nutritional support and guidance

You will receive information on the best nutrition to lose weight, tone up and stay healthy. Not only will you be able to ask our coaches any questions that you have regarding your diet, but you will also get a weekly members newsletter and a free monthly podcast on fitness and nutrition. This will supply you with everything you need to gain your ideal body and the confidence that comes with it.




What you will get 

Bi weekly weigh in and body measurements.

Keeping track and logging success is the best way to stay focussed and motivated. We offer weigh ins every two weeks so that you have accountability and stay on track. Your coach will be there to offer advice on how to maintain your great progress.




Outdoor fitness and bootcamp class




What you will get


Training in a group offers so much than just exercising. You will build friendships with the people you work out with and a close support network. With the help of the group and encouragement and advice from our expert coaches, it has never been easier to achieve your goals



What makes us different

This is isn’t just a fitness class but a training system that has been formulated to reduce body fat, tone the body and increase fitness. Even though you are in a group, each session will be tailored for your current fitness level so you can progress at your own rate.

When you combine our nutritional coaching, with our proven training method, and classes that have been designed to increase lean muscle to shape your body and raise you metabolism, you cannot fail to achieve an amazing transformation.

“I’ve done various bootcamps but not one like this. Fun, different and lots of variety. Superb equipment and Alex is a great instructor – handy when you tend to lift weights with out bending your knees!! He will tell you how to do it properly and push you to strive for better results. I’m looking forward to next week”. 

Lisa Milligan


“Alex’ bootcamp classes are fantastic – I cannot recommend them highly enough. They deliver a thorough work out whilst being really good fun at the same time. The exercises (and equipment provided) are cutting edge and provide optimal toning and fitness – you’ll certainly know you’ve had a workout at the end of each session! The highlight for me is the tug-of-war where he gets some real team spirit going as well as delivering some serious exercise. The thing I especially like about Alex is that he lets you go at your own pace but equally pushes you at the same time to ensure you achieve your personal best – achieving this balance is a real skill which I find many other trainers just don’t have.
His bootcamp is genuinely best in class in my opinion.”

Michele Reedy



Monday7 - 7:45pmUltimate CircuitsSutcliffe Park- Eltham Road, SE9 5LW
Tuesday6:30 - 7amHigh Intensity LBT Sutcliffe Park- Eltham Road, SE9 5LW
Tuesday 6:45 - 7:30pmPower Stretch and CoreSutcliffe Park- Eltham Road, SE9 5LW
Wednesday6:30 - 7:15pmBoxFitHalton Court- Kidbrooke, SE3 9ET
Thursday 6:30 - 6:50amDead On 20Sutcliffe Park- Eltham Road, SE9 5LW
Friday 6:30 - 7amTotal Body Conditioning Sutcliffe Park- Eltham Road, SE9 5LW
Saturday9:00 - 9:45amBootcampSutcliffe Park- Eltham Road, SE9 5LW

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