Personal Training

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 What is the Personal Training?

Our Personal Traning package is a 90 day plan that will transform your body and change the way you view nutrition, exercise and your health. This plan is not just a short term answer but full lifestyle change that will leave you fitter, leaner, lighter and healthier.




 What you will get

One on One training 

Our expert fitness and weight loss specialists will coach you wherever is convenient for you. You will be put on a plan specifically designed to match your body type and current fitness level.  This program will be matched up to your nutritional plan to ensure you get quick, sustainable results .




What you will get 

 Nutrition Skype call and bespoke plan 

Each month you get to catch up with your nutritional coach on Skype to plan for the upcoming month. We will look at your lifestyle, work commitment and any factors that are blocking your path to healthy eating. Here we will formulate a plan that will transform your body, health and confidence


What you will get 

Full body analysis

Each month you will get the chance to have a 7 site body fat measurement, a weigh in and waist, hip, arm and leg circumference to chart progression. You will also have a movement, strength and stability screen. This monthly log will allow us to chart your progress and log your success.



 What you will get 


When you sign up to our diamond plan you get unlimited access to our support team that will be on hand to answer any questions that you have and guide you through your journey. You also get access to our members area where you will get to meet other people going through the same experience as you.



What makes us different

The reason this system works so well is that we know that everyone is unique, with different lifestyles, different fitness levels, different body types, different exercise history and different mindsets. One size does not fit all and we make sure that each member has a plan that will ensure that they achieve their ideal body.


“I have worked with Alex for nearly 5 years. In that time I have transformed my body shape and posture from soft and flabby to hard and muscular .

Alex looks after you in a holistic way, considering diet, exercise and motivation. He pushes you hard but in a good way always encouraging and supporting . Anyone can crash diet to lose weight but working with Alex has transformed my health and body shape”

Alex G (Managing Director)

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