Success Stories

I started training with Alex 6 weeks ago and set simple but clear goals – step 1 : reduce body fat, step 2 : build lean muscle. Alex talked through my diet and ways I could improve outlining specific macros I should target to meet my goals. I trained with Alex on a weekly basis and the sessions were hard work, but also very rewarding. I could see gradual positive change in my body appearance (specifically waistline) and this gave me the motivation to continue preserving.

In terms of where I am in relation to measuring against step 1… I started off at 19.5% body fat and 6 weeks later I am measuring at 12.5%. Great progress but still some hard yards to put in to complete my body transformation!!

Jamie Parmar - Banker


As like many people who join a gym from wanting to look and feel better about themselves to being able to be more active with the kids, I was no different. I have been an active gym member and marital artist for over 20 years but struggled with my overall body weight, composition, training methods and look.This, I guess like most people would say was due to the pressures of work, time management and a lack of access to high quality personal trainers.

I observed Alex with his other clients at the gym I would pound the treadmill at and was impressed with the way he gets the best out of his clients and variates their training. So I felt it was ‘worth a go’ and asked him if he would be my personal trainer.

Alex listened carefully to my goals and aspirations, he devised an approach which was testing but clearly rewarding. Over the 3 months we have been working together I have moved from over 20% body fat to a lean 12% and will be under 10% by year end. My strength, speed and mobility has increased significantly with my chest increasing by 2 inches and my waist reducing by 2 inches. Before I met Alex I could not achieve 2 chin ups, now I am able to do weighted chin ups for 8 reps, variating the grips to target different aspects of my back and shoulders and learning new ways to train that will keep me injury free and strong in the years to come.

I could not recommended Alex highly enough, he has improved my diet, fitness and general well being.

Thank you Alex’

Sean - contractor


I’ve been training for a few years now, learning more and more year on year. I’ve managed to get decent results but have always struggled to go all the way and get the full ideal physique I’ve always wanted. I’ve always struggled with my weight, feeling confident in my overall shape but really wanting to push myself to get those really great results to the last detail. I tried various programmes and tried to keep myself motivated, but found it difficult to stick to something long term when you don’t see the results, or you don’t have the confidence to know its working. I started training with Alex looking for a full body transformation and he gave me the motivation and technical guidance I needed to push myself to attain that ideal physique. In first two months I tried to be as regimental as possible and aimed to lose 2% body fat a month, and after two months I managed to lose 10% body fat whilst also increasing lean muscle! I am now in better shape than ever before and am on my well on my way to the transformation and body I’ve always dreamed of.




Slide1I started training with Alex 5 years ago. Back then I was a typical 30 year old who felt I was fit and that rugby was taking care of my fitness needs. With Alex all these beliefs were put to the test. He is engaging and motivational, never letting anyone quit and always trying to get that extra rep and effort. My form improved exponentially, my body fat came from the low 20’s to 10% and the changes are visible to everyone around me. I feel fitter now at 36 than ever before and the weekly sessions are definitely the highlight of my working week.


Pedro - Banker


before_afterI have worked with Alex for nearly 5 years. In that time I have transformed my body shape and posture from soft and flabby to hard and muscular .

Alex looks after you in a holistic way, considering diet, exercise and motivation. He pushes you hard but in a good way always encouraging and supporting . Anyone can diet to lose weight but working with Alex has transformed my health and body shape .


Alex - Managing Director


I considered myself to be fit before I started training with Alex – I had completed triathlons , marathons…and trained a lot, however I never seemed to be able to change my body shape and my body fat percentage was much higher than I wanted it to be.

Alex didn’t change everything straight away but got to know what I was doing and also what I was eating through making me keep a food diary before putting together a comprehensive eating and exercise plan – I’d only ever concentrated on exercise with other trainers. It wasn’t what I expected but Alex explained each part of the plan and also what it was going to achieve so that I could buy into the plan and trust him that it would work.

The training was varied, always challenging but really enjoyable and Alex was always available to offer help and advice on anything (and I asked a lot of questions!).

The result? In 6 months I have lost over 15kg of fat and halved my body fat percentage and dropped two dress sizes – if it hadn’t happened to me, I would struggle to believe it was possible. I am stronger, leaner and breaking all my PBs. I’m not going to lie – it’s been hard work, and there have been a few ‘diva-style’ strops along the way (not that it got me anywhere!) but the results have made it all worth it!


Gail - Banker


Alex has been fantastic in tailoring specific programmes for my various goals over the past 3 years. Initially these were fundamental strength and core work to help with rehab of a long standing condition and which has eased my discomfort hugely. Now we progressively work through all-round fitness and strength plans which have resulted in huge health and wellbeing gains, much improved posture and a physical transformation, all of which I’m very pleased with. I have found it is Alex’s ability to listen and interpret my objectives correctly and then devise an appropriate plan to meet those goals which sets him apart from other trainers I have used in the past, and he has been a massive help to me.


Mike - Trader

I have done sports my entire life but started getting minor injuries and felling I was not making great progress. I then got Alex as a PT almost four years ago and he has completely transform my well being. I am now at below 10% body fat, my posture has improved significantly and I have built on my strength.

Alex has a in depth knowledge of the body and how it works. I train with Alex 3 times per week and keeps the sessions varied and fun. He pushes you hard but also watches out that the body is not overworked.

If you want to get into shape in a fun and challenging way I can warmly recommend Alex.

Carsten - CEO

The things I especially like about Alex is that he lets you go at your own pace but equally pushes you at the same time to ensure you achieve your personal best – achieving this balance is a real skill which I find many other trainers just don’t have.

Michele - Director

Alex has been my personal trainer for the last 3 years. I have had several trainers over the years and Alex is easily the most professional. He is well qualified and tailors programs to suit the needs of each individual he trains. Alex also trains a number of my colleagues and the feedback from them is also positive.

Steve - CEO