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Is “I’m tired” becoming your catchphrase?

How many people have said to you that they are tired today?

How many have you told that your tired?

Its one of the common conversations we hear daily. It goes something like this…

“How are you?”

“Busy. I’m knackered at the moment. Been none stop!”

“I’m tired too. Life’s hectic”

Too much work on, going to bed too late, not sleeping well. The list goes on…

The trouble is when we are tired, we crave sugary and fatty food. Tiredness and junk go hand in hand, so getting a good night sleep is not just important for our energy levels, it plays a big part in our waistline.

A good nights sleep is imperative to staying happy and healthy.

To help you get a good nights kip, here are 5 tips to get into the land of nod:

  1. Use the 4-7-8 method

The “4-7-8” breathing technique is purported to help you fall asleep in under a minute according to Dr Andrew Weills. Simply close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of four. Hold your breath for a count of seven, then exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound to a count of eight.

  1. Ban all electrical devices before you sleep

When we look at our phones or tablets our brains associate the light with daytime causing us to feel more awake. Try to avoid bright light before you sleep. Which leads us onto number 3

  1. Have a pitch black room

Light can reduce the release of melatonin which is known to facilitate sleep. Natural or artificial light source can halt its production and potentially keeps us awake.

       4. Make sure the room is at the right temperature

Being too hot or too cold can affect sleep. According to the Harvard Medical School. The National Sleep Foundation recommends a bedroom temperature of 60 to 67 degrees F for the most sleep-friendly conditions.

        5. Have a lukewarm shower before bed.

Studies show that this rapid temperature decrease slows your metabolism faster and prepares your body for sleep.